Slides & Rafts

Product / Service Overview:

With more than 60 years of experience, AMETEK MRO is one of the largest and most comprehensive MRO partners in the world with a full, in-house workshop in Europe for aviation inflatable safety systems. Our skilled technicians carry out repair schemes to the highest industry standards, and we are very proud of our safety equipment exchange inventories and staff training. Our dedicated MRO repair center for safety equipment in Stansted offers highly experienced technicians, stock availability, fast turnaround times and cost savings. Click the button below now to contact our team.
Every inflatable aircraft safety system that comes into our dedicated workshop goes through a process of inspection, inflation, repair and overhaul. Depending on the specific requirements and the condition of each product, we can advise on repair services that range from inspecting and cleaning to minor repairs and even full overhauls.
Repacking Operation:
For the crucial repacking operation of aircraft slides and rafts, we have a wide range of manufacturer-designed packing fixtures as well as a computer controlled hot rooms and chillers. From fully inflated safety slides and rafts to neatly compact on-board compartments, AMETEK MRO delivers a quick processing time with the assurance that we will maintaining the critical size dimensions of your product, as required by design standards.
Compliance and Regulations:
When emergency safety equipment becomes necessary, it is essential that it performs perfectly in order to save lives. Regulators and MROs subject emergency gear to some of the most stringent tests in the industry and prescribe regular inspections to ensure consistent performance.

We have the in-house capabilities needed to reprogram emergency locator beacons to Cospas-Sarsat requirements. Our approvals include FAA, EASA and DOT. Click the button below to search our team’s aircraft slide and raft capabilities.

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