Custom Rupture Disk Solutions

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK Ameron is a leading supplier of rupture disc and pressure relief solutions aerospace and ground transportation critical safety applications such as fast discharge outlets for aircraft and ground transportation fire suppression systems and overpressure protection for DOT-certified high-pressure tanks.

Designed to meet our customers’ specifications and optimized to deliver the best system performance, our rupture discs have accumulated many decades of problem-free in-service history providing reliable protection to our customers’ assets.

Expanding beyond aerospace, AMETEK Ameron can now offer cost-efficient, fully customized rupture discs for overpressure protection or fast discharge for a variety of other transportation, medical and industrial applications. Each solution will be tailor designed to meet the exact specification of your system in terms of cycling capacity, operating temperature range, burst pressure and media properties, connection and other operating requirements.

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