Pyrotechnic Design / Qualification

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO is one of the world’s leading aircraft fire extinguisher pyrotechnic cartridge manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of OEM and PMA products qualified for use on most commercial and military aircraft platforms as well as on-ground vehicle fire suppression systems.

AMETEK MRO has decades of experience with the design and qualification of pyrotechnic cartridges to meet the most challenging customer specification requirements. All our cartridges feature a hermetically welded seal and are guaranteed to have a 12-year in-service life (15 years total).

Long service life, optimized performance and excellent in-service history make AMETEK MRO’s pyrotechnic cartridges a reliable, and cost-efficient, solution for your critical aviation safety applications. Interact with the buttons below to contact our team or search its capabilities.

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