First Aid & Medical Kits

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO’s first aid and medical kits can be customized to meet specific client requirements. This makes us the preferred choice for airlines around the world. We have extended our global range of on-board first aid and medical kits to give customers a greater selection in picking the one that is most suitable for their requirements and purposes.

Each case is manufactured from thermoplastic polymer with an extruded aluminum frame, making them both strong and durable. They meet all environmental requirements for use on aircraft including the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853. Extensive testing is carried out on each case to ensure its integrity.
The kits we put together can be stored in various places aboard your aircraft including in the overhead locker. They can even be designed to secure discretely to cabin walls. With the aid of fixings and straps, a secure yet easily accessible environment is assured. Kits can be fixed to an overhead bin-locker, dog box, bulkhead or any other suitable location you can imagine.
Compliance and Requirements:
AMETEK MRO is compliant with all the latest Joint Airworthiness regulations and Federal Aviation regulations. We also produce kits compliant with the Federal Aviation Authority and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Click the button below now to contact our team.

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