Aircraft Fire Extinguishers

Product Overview:

With facilities across North America, Europe and Singapore, AMETEK MRO provides a robust set of OEM and aftermarket solutions for aircraft fire suppression systems.

From our North American facilities, we cover the design, qualification and manufacture of fire suppression systems and components. In addition, our teams repair and overhaul aircraft engine, APU, cargo and portable hand-held fire extinguishers produced by every major aircraft fire extinguisher manufacturer.
For more than three decades, AMETEK MRO has been a recognized leader in the design, qualification and manufacture of technically innovative, robust, and cost-efficient aircraft fire suppression systems and components across the military, commercial and general aviation markets. Our company is an OEM fire suppression system supplier to leading aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, and our team’s OEM portfolio includes:
  • Engine and APU fire extinguishers
  • Cargo compartment fire extinguishers, including metering valves and check T-valves
  • Portable cabin fire extinguishers
  • Lavatory fire extinguishers
  • Pyrotechnic cartridges and CAD/PAD devices for aviation safety equipment (Commercial & Military)
  • Fire extinguisher gas chromatograph testing services
  • Complete fire suppression system capability - fire detection/fire suppression
The fire suppression agents used in our systems include:
  • Halon 1301
  • Halon 1211
  • HFC-125
  • FM-200
  • FE-36
  • Novec 1230
AMETEK MRO will design and deliver a fully customized fire-suppression solution to meet your exact system requirements. Just click the button below now to contact us, and we’ll gladly take it from there.
AMETEK Ameron provides both repair and overhaul services for aircraft engine, APU, cargo and portable hand-held aircraft fire extinguishers produced by all major aircraft fire extinguisher manufacturers.

We offer a guaranteed 5-day turnaround service from three Part 145 MRO stations in the United States. Those Part 145 stations are in Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri and Holbrook, New York. We also have an international facility in Singapore and offer 24-hour AOG services.

More than 500 PMA parts for commercial aircraft and business jets engine, APU and cargo fire extinguishers allow AMETEK MRO’s family of companies to deliver the most cost-efficient solution for your aircraft fire extinguisher repair and overhaul needs. Our PMA parts list includes:
  • Fire extinguisher cartridges (squibs)
  • Fill fittings
  • Rapture disks
  • Fire extinguisher weldments
  • Complete fire extinguisher assemblies
Through our European and Singapore facilities, AMETEK MRO can supply, test, repair and overhaul fixed wing and rotary aircraft fire extinguishers including hermetic, O-ring, lavatory and portable types.

Our teams regularly achieve expedited turnaround times thanks to tooling management, a stock of original equipment manufacturer materials and the option of parts manufacture approval spares.

We offer a comprehensive and diverse array of capabilities that include:
  • Precision machining of base units by increasing the ultimate life of hermetic fire extinguishers beyond those of our competitors
  • An electrostatic sensitive device area for cartridge testing and disposal
  • Dedicated recycling facilities for Halon 1211 and 1301 including laboratory services to ensure compliance for purity
  • Hydrostatic test facilities approved by the US Department of Transport that house custom built test equipment dedicated to fire extinguishers
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