Starter Generators

Product / Service Overview:

% AMETEK MRO has more than 50 years of experience servicing aircraft starter generators and aircraft AC generators. We treat every unit with pride as if it were powering an aircraft with our families on-board. This pride and passion help ensure an attention to detail that keeps you and your family flying safe.
Our generator test rigs are amongst the most sophisticated available. They are capable of simulating loads of up to 145 KVA and 850 amps (DC) at speeds of up to 32,000 rpm. This allows most generators currently flying to be tested.

Our in-house support facilities include a comprehensive machining capability. Rework is also carried out, such as full armature skim, undercut and balance. We also have a multi-stationed automatic brush bedding facility as well as advanced cleaning and paint spraying equipment.
The Process:
When a generator arrives in our workshop, it is initially stripped down so that parts can be cleaned before being thoroughly inspected and overhauled. Once this process is complete and the generator is reassembled, it is placed in our custom-built, automatic brush bedding facility to prepare it for testing to ensure its complete assurance in quality. We also have a dust-free painting environment to help guarantee that the generator is finished to the highest possible standards.
The AMETEK MRO team has expertise in servicing various motors that range from air conditioning to landing gear. Trust AMETEK MRO to return your motor to an airworthy condition as our teams have more than 50 years of experience supporting both OEM and individual aircraft operators.
Contactors and Relays:
AMETEK MRO has partnered with OEMs, FBOs and aircraft operators over the decades to ensure their electronic components are airworthy. We take great pride in our work, and safety is always at the forefront of everything we do. Click the button below now to learn more and / or request support.

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