AMETEK MRO has more than 50 years of experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft power components. Our company’s service offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

AMETEK MRO has been servicing aircraft starter generators and AC generators for decades. We treat every unit with pride and as if it were powering the aircraft carrying our very own families. This pride and passion helps ensure a keen attention to detail that will keep you and your family flying safely.

AMETEK MRO can handle a wide range of IDGs and has full in-house capabilities to overhaul a variety of engine types. With our comprehensive range of testing and repair equipment, we can advise on the best maintenance program for your IDG, helping to reduce turnaround time and minimize the cost of ownership.

In addition to repair and overhaul, AMETEK MRO has a dedicated cell specializing in new build programmes. This entails undertaking selected manufacturing programmes from original equipment manufacturers, allowing them to focus on their current core activities.

AMETEK MRO offers rewind capabilities across multiple ATA chapters while serving a wide range of commercial, regional and military operators worldwide.

The AMETEK MRO team has more than 50 years of experience returning fuel pumps and injectors to airworthy condition. We take pride in our turnaround times and reliability.

The AMETEK MRO team has extensive expertise on various motors that range from air conditioning to landing gear. When your mission is critical, trust AMETEK MRO.

AMETEK MRO’s electronics sector complements its electrical capability to give our teams the ability to supply a full range of service offerings for aircraft power generation equipment.