Machining & Plating

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO has made a considerable investment over the years into its unique machining and plating facilities. These facilities allow our team to continue to meet its customers’ evolving aircraft MRO requirements. We have created an in-house machining sector that can handle most repair scheme operations with the help of a plating bay that provides flexible and responsive solutions. All the major resources that are required for aircraft accessory repair and salvage are available, and we invite you to check out the following information to learn more.
AMETEK MRO has a precision machining facility that services a global customer base. The range of processes we provide at this facility include cylindrical, internal, surface, planetary and jig grinding as well as horizontal and vertical milling and boring along with turning and honing. We also have a fully equipped tool room to help ensure that we can produce jigs and fixtures to the highest standards so that they can increase the accuracy and efficiency of our machining and plating processes.
For aircraft components that require plating repairs or the restoration of protective finishes, AMETEK MRO’s plating capabilities cover it all. For example, we can apply hard chromium or nickel plating for build-up repairs. Or perhaps you’re looking for cadmium or phosphate coatings for the restoration of protective finishes? We also cover a wide range of associated pre-and-post plating processes that include:
  • Stress relieving / De-embrittlement oven treatments
  • Non-destructive testing / Nital etch inspection
  • Shot peening
Proudly Offered By: AEM and Antavia