Aircraft Certification Services – Fire Extinguisher Gas Chromatograph System

AMETEK Ameron offers comprehensive fire suppression system gas concentration certification test services utilizing a proprietary, light-weight, modular fire extinguisher gas chromatograph (FGC) system.

Key Characteristics of AMETEK Ameron FGC System:

- FAA approved for certifying both Halon 1301 and HFC-125 fire suppression systems (Engine, APU or Cargo) on rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft platforms
 - Meets FAA Advisory Circular No. 20-100 requirements
- Convenient modular design
- 12 gas analysis sample probes
- Sample tube lengths: up to 30 feet
- AC or DC power inputs
- Simple trigger switch to initiate FGC system

Please contact AMETEK Ameron for additional technical information or test scheduling information.