Valves and Pumps

Product / Service Overview:

When it comes to repair and overhaul services for aircraft hydraulic units, AMETEK MRO offers a full range of services backed by several global facilities. With expertise in hydraulic, fuel, motor driven and vacuum pumps as well as fuel, selector, check and non-return valves, AMETEK MRO can expertly meet all if your aircraft hydraulic unit requirements.

AMETEK MRO has several global partnerships in place with OEMs and operators, and each of our teams share the common goal of completing the mission. We take pride in both our reliability and turnaround times. Our expertise includes fuel pumps, injectors, flow valves and many other aircraft fuel system components.
The Repair and Overhaul Process:
Units on condition go through rigorous testing when they enter our facilities. Our test stands can generate up to 10,000 psi static pressure and up to 45 US gallons per minute flow at 4,000 psi, catering for both mineral oil MIL-PRF-5606 and Skydrol synthetic oil.

If a fault is found, the individual parts will either be repaired or replaced from our comprehensively maintained stock before going through the testing process again. Mandatory TBO (time before overhaul) parts will be replaced before being assembled and put through the testing process.
Why choose AMETEK MRO?
With more than 60 years of experience in overhauling and repairing essential valves and pumps for aircraft hydraulic units, AMETEK MRO has the technical proficiency and industry experience needed to be your trusted MRO partner. Contact us to today or search our capabilities.

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