Landing Gear

Product / Service Overview:

Did you know that AMETEK MRO provides cost-effective overhaul services for aircraft landing gear and its associated components? We also provide a full and comprehensive in-house machining and plating service in support of our clients’ landing gear activity. This enables our team to maintain complete control of cost, quality and turnaround times.

With multiple European facilities, we can take care of the entire landing gear overhaul process. Check out the following information to learn more.
Spares and Loan Assets:
AMETEK MRO offers comprehensive exchange and spare options. For our customers to maximize their flying hours, AMETEK MRO has made a significant investment in landing gear inventory. Assets are available for both short and extended loans during the overhaul cycle. This adds further value and flexibility to our complete aircraft landing gear overhaul options.
The Process:
When landing gear initially arrives at our warehouse, every component is taken apart to be inspected for any obvious and superficial damage before components are readied for cleaning. Once cleaned, we use precision measuring to inspect dimensions, and tolerances can be as small as .0001 inch. All components then go through non-destructive testing. This allows our team to quickly see anything that could be flagged as damaged, cracked or defective. If these impurities exist, components are then separated for further inspection or repair. Before we reassemble everything, all protective cadmium plating, black oxide coatings, primer and paint are renewed to ensure complete protection against corrosion.
Non-Destructive Testing Equipment:
AMETEK MRO proudly offers a wide array of non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities. Our NDT workshop provides fluorescent dye penetrant and magnetic particle techniques. Both half wave and full wave inspection processes are also available to highlight surface and sub-surface defects. Click either button below now to learn more.

Proudly Offered By: AEM and ANTAVIA (France)