Flight Control, Landing Gear, Servo Actuators | AMETEK MRO

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO has extensive technical expertise and experience when it comes to the repair and overhaul of servo actuators. Our test facilities can generate up to 10,000 psi static pressure and up to 45 US gallons per minute flow @ 4,000 psi, catering for both mineral oil MIL-PRF-5606 and Skydrol synthetic oil. The knowledge and expertise of our technicians ensures the highest possible standards of service.
Servo Actuators:
The repair and overhaul of flying controls and servo actuators is undertaken within a controlled environment. Conditions are crucial for such delicate work, and we always monitor temperature and air quality very closely. The complete repair process, from disassembly to final testing, is carried out under dual inspection.
Stabilizer Trim Actuators:
This is a flight critical control system that maintains optimum horizontal stabilizer surface position during aircraft take-off, cruise and landing. Because of this, AMETEK MRO utilizes a comprehensive test set-up to ensure all units meet the stringent performance criteria prescribed in the component maintenance manual.
Retraction Actuators:
Retraction actuators are an integral part of the landing gear system. They retract to raise the gear and extend to lower it. AMETEK MRO offers extensive retraction actuator overhaul services as well as the ability to service all your other landing gear requirements.

Proudly Offered By: AEM, ANTAVIA