Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorders

Product / Service Overview:

AMETEK MRO specializes in flight analysis for both cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders including QARs. Our flight analysis team works tirelessly to perform readouts for operators, MROs, leasing companies and accident investigation organizations worldwide. Our customers trust our work; knowing that they will receive a premium service and their data will be treated as strictly confidential.

In addition to analysis, flight data and cockpit voice recorder repair is an integral line of AMETEK MRO’s capabilities, and we are proud to promote premium expertise in this area to our customers.

At our Honeywell and L3 Technologies approved repair centre, we boast OEM trained engineers able to correct, test and recertify digital, solid state and magnetic tape-based recorders extending to other manufacturers equipment. This includes Universal Avionics, Lockheed, Plessey and Rockwell Collins.

With rapid turnaround time and AOG response, we ensure that you have complete, accurate and dependable service around the clock.

Safety and airworthiness are paramount to everything we do, and our skilled technicians will safeguard this in their work.

Proudly Offered By: Muirhead Avionics and AMETEK Singapore