Your OEM Alternative: PMA Offerings by Ameron

February 2, 2022

Your OEM alternative: PMA offerings by Ameron

  By Bobby Pulliam, Director of Aftermarket Sales at Ameron

You know what they say: “Quality, speed or cost, you can only have two.”

In the fast-paced and cost-conscious aviation industry, having to choose only two simply won’t fly. Most people are familiar with the Scope Triangle and experience its frustrations every day, particularly in aviation.

The reality is you can have all three. What was once the golden rule of supply chain and a regular nuisance for procurement specialists has been resolved by the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process.

What exactly is a PMA part and what role does it play within aviation? PMA is a combined design and production approval process for modification and replacement parts. The process allows engineers to improve upon OEM designs while maintaining fit, form and function. PMA parts are FAA approved drop-in replacements for the OEM that go through all the same qualification testing. Parts availability and significant cost-savings are just a few fringe benefits.

Here’s how you benefit from a perfectly balanced scope triangle:

Your Ameron team of engineers in Baldwin Park, California is dedicated to designing aircraft safety equipment of superior quality. Safety components in regular production include fire extinguisherscartridgescrew mask partsoxygen bottle overhaul kits and much more.

In comparison to OEM offerings, Ameron’s products have the equivalent or longer shelf life and offer value-added benefits. For example, the cartridges you get from Ameron are rated class 1.4S, allowing for shipment on cargo or passenger aircraft and lower-cost packaging.

“Per the FAA, our PMAs must perform equal to or better than the OEM,” explains Souvanh Bounpraseuth, Ameron Director of Engineering. “Our world class quality approach to PMA design sets us apart from the rest.”

Ameron’s engineering and supply chain teams work together to guarantee availability is not sacrificed in exchange for a top-quality product. Together they ensure your fast-moving piece parts and complete assemblies are regularly stocked. In the rare instance that a part is not in stock, the average lead time is only a few short weeks.   

“We routinely ship orders same day,” says Daniel Martinez, Ameron Parts Distribution Manager. “In late 2021, we felt the effects of supply chain issues and material shortages but not to the same degree as our competitors. We’ve been doing this for decades, our planning has enabled us to rebound quickly.”

Naturally one would assume a product of the highest quality with virtually no lead time would command a higher price than alternative options. Ameron debunks this assumption with PMAs averaging 40% less than competitor parts, saving you money without compromising quality or speed.   

Adam Brammer, Ameron Divisional Vice President and Business Manager explains, “Ameron is always looking for new PMA solutions to help our customers with major component problems. We look forward to helping our customers lower costs, improve aircraft availability, and avoid obsolescence.”

Ameron has FAA approval on more than 650 PMA parts to date and shows no sign of slowing down. The team is focused on adding more oxygen bottle and mask overhaul kits, full oxygen assemblies, cartridges and more to our growing list of PMA offerings.

Browse available PMA parts and place your order directly online by visiting our e-commerce store at

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