Drake Air Named a Hughes Treitler Authorized Repair Center: A Detailed Look at What This Means for Customers

January 25, 2022

Drake Air Named a Hughes Treitler Authorized Repair Center: A Detailed Look at What This Means for Customers

Headshot of Phil Bashaw  By Phil Bashaw, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AMETEK MRO

Coming up on my seventh year with Drake Air and the AMETEK MRO team, it’s been exciting to see our growing list of accomplishments throughout the years, but our most recent announcement is one that I’m especially proud to share with our customers. In case you missed it, AMETEK Hughes-Treitler recently named AMETEK MRO Drake Air as an Authorized Repair Center (ARC) for all Hughes-Treitler commercial products. Together, AMETEK serves as your one-stop-shop for heat exchanger solutions, and we can help you determine whether MRO or OEM is the right fit for your specific needs.

Both Hughes-Treitler and Drake Air are industry leaders for their heat exchanger expertise in the Aviation industry. Hughes-Treitler offers leading OEM products, specializing in high-performance, plate-fin, aluminum, Inconel heat exchangers for military and commercial engine, rotary, airframe, and similar applications. While Drake Air is an expert in MRO solutions for aluminum, stainless, and Inconel heat transfer components, servicing commercial, regional, general aviation, and military operators around the world with both fixed wing and rotorcraft components.

What does this partnership mean for our customers?

Total Peace of Mind

The Drake Air team believes in a repair versus replace mentality, proudly saving our customers time and money to repair or overhaul a component in place of buying brand new. As an ARC for Hughes-Treitler, you will have complete peace of mind that Drake Air’s MRO solutions will be done to the highest, OEM-approved standards, extending the life of your component. The ARC designation ensures that Hughes-Treitler fully endorses and supports all Drake Air workscopes including repair, overhaul, Recore and replacement options. To elevate our service, Drake Air now has exclusive access to Hughes-Treitler’s OEM documentation, technical data, engineering support, and materials to better support the wide range of customers flying with Hughes-Treitler products. 

More Options at Your Disposal

The ARC also unlocks new options for our AMETEK customers. One example is that Drake Air can now utilize the Hughes-Treitler OEM spares or components where the damage is beyond CMM limits or FAA Recore process. In addition, Hughes-Treitler and Drake Air customers can get service in regions we may have not provided prior. For example, Hughes-Treitler can refer customers to Drake Air when they require CAAC approval, and customers can look for either their nearest Drake Air or Hughes-Treitler facility for quick Heat Exchanger solutions.

Increased Speed and Agility

For those who have spent their career in a mix of OEM and MRO industries, you understand that speed is unique in the MRO world. Now that Drake Air can serve as an extension of the OEM, Hughes-Treitler customers can benefit from Drake Air’s nimbleness and agility for heat exchanger repairs and Recores.

The Best Deal Possible

Although there are many instances where replace provides the best benefit for our customers, with our new understanding of the OEM’s secret sauce, we can better understand failure modes and the life expectancy of a component to suggest OEM alternatives when MRO is no longer benefiting you. We will always ensure that you’re getting the best service and deal possible.

Our collaboration with Hughes-Treitler was designed to benefit our customers in ways that weren’t previously possible. Together as AMETEK, we’re proud to offer full support for our heat exchange customers, both in OEM and MRO. In addition, this partnership will enable our ability to further expand into new markets and strengthen the AMETEK presence, delivering best-in-class service. 

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