AMETEK AMERON MASS Systems Receives FAA-PMA Approval on its MC10 Oxygen Maskseries

BALDWIN PARK , CA – AMERON MASS Systems, a unit of AMETEK Aerospace & Defense and a pioneer in the development of high-performance aerospace and defense components, received FAA-PMA approval on an Oxygen Mask Harness, part number MMXH15-32.

The MMXH15-32 is a part of the MC10 series oxygen mask regulator assembly. The harness assembly consists of multiple parts: a coupling block made of self-extinguishing plastic, two silicone tubes with Nomex covering for thermal protection, spacers to keep the tubes apart at a required distance and a stainless-steel screw to attach the coupling block to the regulator assembly. This PMA part is identical to the OEM component in fit, form and function.

MASS Systems, the OEM division of AMETEK AMERON, specializes in FAA-PMA components for high-rate discharge fire extinguishing systems and for oxygen systems. These components are developed, manufactured and assembled by MASS Systems at its Baldwin Park facility.

Founded in 1988, AMERON LLC has pioneered numerous advances in aerospace fire suppression systems and is a leader in pressurized gas systems, fire extinguishers and pressurized stored energy systems. It is certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and its products meet or exceed MIL-1-45208A specifications.

AMERON is a unit of AMETEK Aerospace and Defense, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $4.8 billion.

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