AMETEK AMERON Expands its Oxygen Overhaul Kit Capabilities

BALDWIN PARK, CA, Oct. 30, 2019 – AMETEK AMERON recently achieved FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval on the M28022-00 and M806022-02 oxygen bottle overhaul kits, both of which service different assemblies on aircrafts. The M28022-00 kit is used in the overhaul of 5500 and 9700 Series Portable Cylinder Assemblies (PCAs). Meanwhile, the M806022-02 kit services the 898, 807368-01, and 804822-14 series Cylinder and Regulator Assemblies (CRAs).

The PCAs are portable sources that contain high-pressure aviation-grade oxygen for high-altitude breathing. There are 12 parts of the M28022-00 kit that go into servicing them: six of the components go to the “ON/OFF” value assembly of the regulator, four components go to the Casing and Set Assembly, and two to the safety plug.

The CRAs, serviced by the 806022-02, are self-contained, high pressure fixed oxygen sources that supply decreased-pressure, aviation-grade oxygen to crew members and passengers. All of the M80602-02 kit’s 16 parts are used on the regulator assembly.

Certain components in each kit are replaced each time they are removed during maintenance and others are used as needed. All components are made of non-corrosive and non-flammable materials. The oxygen bottles that these overhaul kits support are used across the commercial aircraft spectrum.